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The Ultimate South Indian Fare: Chicken 65

There is a tremendous fan base for delectable chicken dishes in our lovely India. There are many different kinds of chicken meals, from north to south, east to west, and the Chicken 65 recipe is one of them. When it comes to creating this delectable dish, there are numerous options. In India, each region has its own version of chicken 65. But one thing remains consistent across the board: the robust, peppery flavour.

Chicken 65 consists of bite-size chicken pieces covered in spicy masala and fried. Chilli powder, turmeric, garam masala powder, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, eggs, rice flour, and corn flour are used to marinade it first. Curry leaves, also known as sweet neem leaves or kadi patta in Hindi, are an aromatic herb found on tropical curry trees native to Asia, notably the Indian subcontinent. Along with the chilli powder, it’s used in the marinade to truly infuse the chicken with flavour. The chicken is then marinated and deep fried until it is done and crispy. Fried chicken can be served plain or with a spicy sauce. It is a meal known for its crunchiness, crispness, and delectable flavour. Boneless or bone-in chicken chunks are available.

A.M.Buhari, the founder of the Buhari Hotel in Chennai, invented the Chicken 65 dish. Chicken 65 was named after the year it was created, 1965. Chicken 65 is frequently accompanied by fiery crimson chutneys. Red onion slices can also be chopped up and served with lemon wedges.

In South India, chicken 65 is prepared in a variety of ways with varied styles and ingredients. In Tamil Nadu, the taste and method of preparing Chicken 65 differ from those in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. After the Chicken 65 is cooked in Karnataka, it is topped with grated coconut and decorated. In Andhra Pradesh, the Chicken 65 is prepared slightly differently, without frying, in a dry manner with a lot of spices. Chicken 65 is prepared in a similar manner in Tamil Nadu as it is in Kerala, which is known as “Kori Sukka.”

This dish is devoid of gluten. The crispy fried chicken is made using corn flour and rice flour. All-purpose flour can be used instead of rice flour. It’s critical to utilise chicken thighs rather than chicken breast in this recipe. Chicken 65 is fried first, then mixed in a tadka sauce, which softens the fatty thighs. To roast the ginger garlic paste, green chilis, kashmiri chilli powder, and curry leaves in the tadka, or tempering, section, use a tablespoon of fat like olive oil or ghee. The curry leaves will get particularly crispy and crunchy at this point. Because the chicken becomes a little brownish after frying, the kashmiri chilli powder will redden it again. Chicken-65 at Amma’s South Indian Cuisine is something that you should not miss!.

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