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Smack your lips with these South Indian Snacks

Quarantine life has us all reconnecting with our families, working on our hobbies and projects that we have shelved for many tomorrows. Huddled in our homes, a lot of us have decided to call out the inner chef in us to take over the kitchen and experiment new recipes for our taste buds and our tummies. Before you whip out a full course Indian meal, we insist you try out these easy to make lip-smacking Indian snacks that you definitely cannot resist to nibble on.

Medhu Vadai

Medhu Vadai is a very popular South Indian fritter that is usually served with coconut chutney or sambar in Indian restaurants. This crispy golden deep-fried snack is made with Urad Dal (Black Gram) and spices such as cumin seeds, peppercorns, curry leaves and green chillies. Not only are these easy to make, but it also serves as a healthy snack to spoil yourself with. Have a go!

Onion Pakoda

Imagine being stuck at home on a rainy day. Of course, coffee goes well but have you ever tried taking a bite of fresh hot Onion Pakoda with it? Crispy and spicy onion pakodas will leave you with an aftertaste that craves for more. This simple snack involves just two main ingredients: Chickpea flour and minced onions. Mix them and then deep fry them to treat yourself with a crispy hot plate of Onion Pakodas on a cold day.


This soft, fluffy dish made with idli batter, comes in two main varieties: sweet (sweet paniyaram) and savoury (kuzhi paniyaram). For sweet paniyaram, mix jaggery to the batter, and for the savoury, add a few spices such as peppercorn, chillies, curry leaves. Paniyarams are made using a special pan, be sure you get that before you whip out the batter. Kuzhi paniyarams are served with coconut chutney, be sure you try that too.

Masala Vadai

Who doesn’t love some crispy snack that goes well with your tea and fills up your stomach? Famous in the streets of South India, this crispy and spicy snack is made with Chana Dal, Onions and Spices. Also known as Parupu Vadai in Tamil Nadu, Masala Vada is an easy-to-make snack that can be done in a variety of ways, so get experimental with it!


Saving the best for last, we have Bajjis! You cannot go wrong here, and this is a must-try snack if you are looking for something really simple, spicy and tasty. Though there is a variety of Bajjis you can make, the most famous one is the Milagai (Chilli) Bajji. Sliced banana peppers dipped in besan and deep-fried till they are golden are served hot, and thoroughly enjoyed, along the coastlines of South India.

Be sure to use this quarantine time to have your kitchen adventures with these delicious Indian Snacks and tell us which you liked the best. Tag your experience with Amma’s South Indian Cuisine.