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Indian curries are so much more than a sauce with a bunch of spices in it. When it comes to creating something unforgettable, there are numerous factors at play. Ingredients, of course, but also the sort of heat, the freshness of the spices, the order in which they are added, and the amount of time they are cooked. The cornerstone of Indian cuisine is layering flavors on top of one other.

This Chicken Saag Curry has one of the most developed tastes and packs a punch! The spinach gives a hint of acidity to the meal while also contributing to its overall rich flavor. Chicken is high in protein, and spinach is high in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, foliate, lutein, and vitamin E. This boosts the nutritional value of the dish. Moreover, the greens are anti-inflammatory and high in fiber,and hence this dish is a great way to integrate vegetables into the diet of someone who doesn’t generally consume them.

Chicken Saag is creamy, saucy, and delicious. The texture of the spinach gravy or sauce is semi-thick. In Punjabi, the word “saag” refers to all leafy greens, including spinach, sarson (mustard greens), bathua, and methi. Though saag chicken is a winter dish, it can be served any time of year because it can be made with any greens you have on hand.

However, the saag is usually made with five different lush green vegetables. Mustard greens (sarson), Chenopodium/Goosefoot leaves (called bathua in Hindi), Spinach (palak), White Radish Root and Greens (mooli), and Fenugreek are the ingredients (methi). The spicy, bitter mustard greens provide the main flavour in this saag recipe. The sharpness of the mustard and methi is lessened by the addition of spinach, bathua, and radish, resulting in a creamy, mellow saag that is simply exploding with flavour.

In India, winter is the season for both mustard and bathua. As a result, sarson ka saag is considered a cold-weather dish in North India, particularly in Punjab, where this traditional recipe originates. Sarson da saag as Saag Chicken is known in Punjab is commonly served with makki ki roti  which is flat bread made from maize flour and is not only filling but also warms the palette and body. Sarson ka saag is a bowl full of antioxidants and phytonutrients thanks to all of the dark, leafy greens, so that extra butter topping is fine. For added flavour, the saag is generally served with sliced or chopped onions and green chilies.

 It’s a tasty dish that pairs nicely with plain chapati, naan, or lachcha parantha. Amma’s South Indian Restaurant will knock your socks off with this superbly spicy, creamy, and comfortable dish. It’s decadently rich, incredibly flavored, and oh-so-comfy!

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