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NATTUKOZHI SOUP: Why Country Chicken Scores over Broiler Varieties


Country chicken is the term used to refer many indigenous breeds or mixed breed chickens which have been raised in the villages of India for centuries. They have a slower growth cycle compared to broilers but are birds which have their natural instincts of foraging, escape from predators etc. They are also resistant to diseases.

Country chicken is now gaining popularity with all its free-range, easy-fed goodness. Chefs, nutritionists and food activists vouch for its goodness ,and most Indian homes and restaurants  have  returned to country chicken to make yummy , and healthy chicken varieties that include pichu potta nattu kozhi sukka (shredded dry chicken fry) and nattu kozhi  kuzhambu (chicken curry made with country chicken).

Country chickens have feathers in different colors, and they mostly feed on millet, spinach, vegetable and termites in the open. Though the flesh will not be more and fluffy in country chickens, they are grown naturally and without any growth boosters or hormones. This ensures all the essential protein needs are got through a natural and organic way as far as possible.

Their meat is slightly tougher than white poultry meat, but when cooked, it becomes juicy and soaks in spices beautifully. if one gets the real taste of country chicken, it would be hard for them to go back to eating the broiler bird, especially in an Indian curry.

Country chickens take longer time to cook.Their meat has a deep, complex flavor, and they have lower fat content and a higher muscle mass. Country chickens possess fewer toxins from free foraging, meaning little to no health risks, as opposed to broiler chickens, which are injected hormones and additives that are known to increase the risk of cancer and early onset of puberty.

It is that time of the year when most of us want to sip on to something hot. And what better that can be than country chicken soup! A wholesome Nattukozhi Chicken soup will warm you up from the inside out. It not only tastes delicious, but it all has the good-for-you benefits, with an added layer of spicy flavor.

Nattukozhi soup is recommended to treat respiratory tract disorders, asthma and facial pain among other ailments. It hastens the removal of pathogens from the nose. Studies suggest that, proteins found in chicken especially its limbs help to reduce blood pressure. Nattukozhi soup is packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other trace minerals that are needed to build and strengthen your bones. Another positive aspect of taking this soup is that it gives you the feeling of being full. This ensures that you have taken in a good amount of nutrients and also kept yourself away from other fatty food that one tends to binge on.

A bowl of chicken soup can be a great addition in your daily diet. If you desire to relish authentic South Indian style Nattukozhi soup, walk into Amma’s South Indian Restaurant! We are here to serve you!