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Mouth-Watering Delicacy-Mutton Chukka


Among South Indian dishes, Chettinad delicacies are said to be the spiciest. Mutton Chukka is one such delicacy from the Chettinad region that has always won the hearts of many because of its very rich and authentic flavor. It is a dry curry prepared with tender goat meat coated with an array of spices. The word chukka means ‘dry’. Mutton Chukka is thus a dry dish made with stir fried pieces of mutton chops with the essential spices and masalas. The age old recipe begins with choosing the right meat for the dish, which alone determines the taste even before the cooking starts. Fresher and softer the meat, tastier the dish will be.

Even when it is recommended that the meat used for mutton chukka be fresh, the choice of meat is up for personal preferences. It can be made using mutton chops with or without bones. It is guaranteed that they both bring out equally good flavor to the dish. Making mutton chukka is not like any other mutton recipe. It’s not boring and complicated either. This recipe is made with basic spices such as ginger, garlic, cumin, pepper, and dry red chillies. The mutton pieces are par-cooked separately so that they are tender and juicy. This tossed meat is then cooked with fried brown onions and other spices on a slow flame until the consistency or the texture is dry. Tender chunks perfectly seared falling off the bone, beautifully caramelized brownish onions, and aromatic fresh roasted spices will definitely make any one crave for the dish. A generous amount of lemon juice at the end is set to seal the deal. It is a comfort food in every possible way. The taste hits you the second you start having your first bite.

For best results:

  • Chunks of mutton is cooked in a cast iron
  • Small red onions is added
  • Dried red chilies are interspersed into pieces to add more spiciness and a smoky flavor to them.
  • Spices are dry roasted over low heat until the aroma is raised.
  • Shoulder portion of the lamb that is usually soft, tender and non-fibrous make mouth-melting chunks.

Health Benefits of Mutton Chukka:

  • Excellent source of high quality Protein
  • Rich source of high Vitamins, and Minerals
  • Improves your Physical Performance
  • Helps build body muscle
  • Helps maintain Muscle Mass
  • Recommended for those suffering from Diabetes
  • Helps increase blood cells count
  • Prevents Anemia

Mutton chukka is served with hot chapati, Naan, Biriyani or even served as a starter. It can also be paired with cocktails or simply with rice or appams for a healthful meal.  Visit Amma’s South Indian Restaurant, and have mutton chukka to experience the taste of Chettinad.