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Magical Drink- Mango Lassi

Be it the heat to beat in summer or the cold winter weather that lazes the bones, lassi drinks are instant refreshments that provide us with energy and nutrients to get us back on our toes. Lassi is loved and relished by many people across India. From sweet to salty, there are many variations of lassi and it tastes the best when garnished with dry fruits. Additional flavors are also added like rose syrup, mango, kesar or khus khus to enhance the flavour. One of our favorites is Mango Lassi.

Mango Lassi is a popular drink in India, especially during the summer. The scorching heat can be really brutal but the season comes bearing fruits . Summer brings along some delicious and soul-soothing foods to relish – mango being one of the most popular summer foods for all.  To celebrate the season of Mangoes, we make the most of the fruit during the summers by adding it to nearly every dish we make. To bring the celebration full circle, we add mangoes to soul-soothing lassi and make it the season’s elixir. Mango lassi is basically two summer special foods (mango and lassi) blended together to create something unique and flavorful.

The sweet and exotic taste of the drink makes it everyone’s favorite and to add on to that exotic taste, the drink also comes with major health benefits that serves vital purpose during the summer’s heat. Mango Lassi is packed with nutrients, mostly proteins. The probiotic content in lassi makes it perfect for boosting digestion. And healthy digestion means healthy immunity. Besides, Mango also adds a good amount of minerals to our daily diet that helps us stay healthy and immunized against seasonal diseases.

Mango is a storehouse of minerals. It is loaded with foliate, iron, calcium, and zinc that help build strong bones and muscles. The most important ingredient in lassi is dahi. Dahi (or curd) has always been known for its pool of health benefits. It includes minerals like calcium and phosphorus that promote good digestion, strong immunity, healthy skin and more. The inclusion of pink/black salt adds a good amount of iron to the dish and helps prevent dehydration and manage water balance in the body. Consuming lassi influences the growth of healthy bacteria and reduces the growth of bad bacteria in your gut. The probiotics also help in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Lassi is a cool and refreshing drink, which reduces the heat of the body. And that is one of the reasons it is mostly drunk during the summer time. Drinking lassi daily will keep the body heat in check.

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