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Kothu Parotta Wholsesome Tasty DelicAcy

Kothu Parotta is a spicy, delicious dish made by shredding flatbreads / parotta & cooking them with masala gravy / curry. Egg Kothu Parotta also called Muttai Parotta is a famous street food delicacy that is craved by the families for its taste. Kothu Parotta uses leftover parotta, roti and gravies and variations include veg kothu, egg kothu or non-veg kothu parottas.

If I can say the one thing that I can compromise on road side shops, it is with no doubt my favourite kothu parotta. I just love the taste in road side shops and it can noway be compared with the taste we get in restaurants. I tried to recreate the taste and it was close to it except for the addition of chalna they use.

Kothu Parotta – as the name suggests is parotta that is scrambled/chopped (kothu) and is spiced up. There is a special way to Kothify (scramble/chop) parottas. Usually when this is made as a street food, there is a large cast iron pan and the parotta master kothifies one or two parottas using a sharp ladle or a glass directly on the tawa. The onions, tomatoes and spices are fried on the tawa and then the scrambled parottas are added. Small bite sized pieces of parotta soak up in all the flavors of the masala and the whole dish is just hot, spicy but is also moist. When the masala & the parotta ratio is right, it doesn’t dry out.

Kothu Parotta (translates to minced parotta) by blending the ingredients with a long iron spatula on a hot iron griddle. Madurai is probably one of my favourite food cities in India. The flavours are authentic and street stalls have been a part of the local landscape way before Street food became cool. Madurai’s location as a trading hub in Southern Tamil Nadu has always meant that large numbers of people pass through this city. Traders, farmers and even commuters who use Madurai as a pit-stop as they head to their towns further south. The streets around the city centre are a beehive of activity much after sunset and a long list of restaurants and street stalls stay open till very late to cater to this large floating population. Locals believe that Kothu Parotta was invented here. It’s one of the most delicious street food items you can sample – piping hot, bursting with flavours (often fiery) and a meal by itself with bread, eggs and meat thrown in. Perfect for a quick ‘grab and go’ meal.

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