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Gobi Manchurian is a popular Indo-Chinese dish that is both an appetiser and a side dish for fried rice. It is a cooking style that was developed many years ago by a small Chinese community in eastern India. It’s a combination of Chinese and Indian flavours cooked in a hot wok. Of course, in India, it is simply referred to as Chinese food.

This fusion dish is a flavorful and delectable appetiser. When prepared dry, it can be served as a snack or an appetiser. Gobi is Hindi word meaning cauliflower, and Manchurian is a sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy sauce made with chilli sauce, vinegar, ginger, and garlic. To make it even more spicy, toss in some slit green chilli in the sauce and let it simmer for a few minutes before tossing in the fried cauliflower florets. The addition of tomato ketchup sweetens the manchurian sauce and distinguishes it from the chilli sauce.

First, the cauliflower is coated with batter. The batter should be thick and creamy so that it forms an even and heavy coating over the cauliflower. After that, the cauliflower is deep-fried until crisp. Manchurian recipes can be made with chicken, mixed vegetables, fish, or soya chunks, but cauliflower adds a unique flavor. Everyone adores it and raves about it.

The aroma and flavour of cauliflower make this dish a one-of-a-kind and extremely tasty appetiser. Gobi Manchurian comes in two varieties. The first is either dry or semi-dry, and the second is gravy.

The dry or semi-dry Gobi Manchurian is much tastier and healthier than the gravy version. The corn starch is the main ingredient in the gravy. Furthermore, the gravy version requires more soy sauce and chilli sauce.

Gobi Manchurian, either dry or semi-dry, is served as an appetizer or starter. It has the perfect balance of slightly spicy, sour, and sweet flavors. As a result, it tastes incredibly delicious on its own. Gobi Manchurian goes well with a variety of dishes.

It goes well with steamed rice, vegetable fried rice, schezwan fried rice, mushroom noodles, or plain noodles as a snack or side dish.
All-purpose flour can be replaced with corn flour or arrow root powder to make a gluten-free version of Gobi Manchurian. Gluten-free sauces can be used. Dry Gobi Manchurian is typically red in colour. This is due to the addition of artificial colors, which are not particularly healthy. Amma’s South Indian restaurant uses healthy Kashmiri red chilli powder, which is orange-red in color. This gives the dish a little heat and a smoky flavor.

Gobi Manchurian or cauliflower Manchurian is truly one of the most gratifying meals of all time. While the Gobi Manchurian is typically garnished with onions and coriander, some people may prefer to dip the pieces in tomato ketchup to balance the acidity and spiciness.
Visit your nearest Amma’s South Indian Restaurant, and relish this authentic Indo –Chinese fare: Gobi Manchurian.