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Fenugreek seeds are hard, yellowish-brown cuboids that resemble tiny pebbles. You can recognize them by the deep furrow across one side. Fenugreek, also known as methi, is a versatile herb that has been a staple in South Indian cuisine for centuries. Its unique flavor profile and numerous health benefits have made it a must-have ingredient in any South Indian household. Not only does it enhance the taste of dishes, but it also adds a warm and nutty aroma, making meals more appetizing.

The herb is known for its bitter taste and nutty aroma, and it has a wide range of medicinal properties. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, and calcium, making it a healthy addition to any diet. They also contain a ton of antioxidants, which aid in defending the body against harm from dangerous free radicals. Fenugreek seeds also have anti-inflammatory qualities, making them a fantastic option for people with inflammatory diseases like asthma, arthritis, and other conditions.

The preparation of the renowned South Indian spice mixture “Podi” is one of the most well-known uses of fenugreek in South Indian cuisine. Fenugreek seeds are used to make this spice mixture, along with other ingredients like red chilli powder, coriander seeds, cumin, and garlic. This mixture is then used to season food after being ground into a fine powder. Addition of Fenugreek  to this podi gives it a distinctive flavor as well as improves the nutritional value of the food.

Additionally, the leaves of the fenugreek plant can also be used in cooking; adding a fresh and slightly bitter flavor to vegetarian dishes, soups, and stews. Fenugreek is also used in the preparation of “sambar,” a delectable lentil-based soup that is frequently served with rice in South Indian cuisine. Fresh leaves or dried seeds of fenugreek are added to the sambar, which gives the food a unique flavor and aroma. Before being added to the sambar, the seeds are  roasted, which heightens their nutty flavor and brings out their inherent sweetness.

Stews and curries from South India have fenugreek added in them. It enhances the flavor of the food and is a healthy addition to meals. Depending on the dish and the desired flavor profile, the seeds can be added whole or ground into a powder. The leaves of the fenugreek plant are also frequently used giving a variety of dishes a light and earthy flavor.

Fenugreek is frequently used to temper dal-based curries, different idli/dosa batters, chutneys, seafood curries, and different kinds of rice, including vendhaya sadam (fenugreek rice), etc. The majority of the dishes at Amma’s South Indian Restaurant have fenugreek added, not only to enhance flavor but also to provide health benefits. 

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