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Eating Malabar Fish Curry is a Marvelous Way to Restrict Calorie

The South Indian coastline offers a lot more than serene road trips and beach parties; it is an experience to a way of life with the sea and seafood. One dish, which is rather famous along the southern coastline, is the Malabar Fish Curry from God’s very own country – Kerala. This delicious, creamy fish curry with the goodness of coconut milk carrying the tangy flavor of tamarind, is a traditional recipe in the local kitchens. It is famous for its bold flavors and spiciness.

This curry has several variations, and it is slightly different from the traditional Fish Curries of Kerala. Because of its propensity to seafood, Kerala has a wide range of fish dishes, including steamed and deep fried fish. All these dishes are typically accompanied by a plethora of spices that complement the fish.

Malabar Fish curry is popularly known as the one that uses a lot of spices, as it was born in a region, Malabar, which is known as the spice hub of India. The spicy fish curry, therefore, has an awesome aroma. Malabar cuisine has had an influence on lots of food cultures such as Zamorin, Chirakkal and Arab.

The curry is typically made with fish such as seer, sea bass, tilapia, or sardines. The fish, being the primary ingredient, elevates the health factor of the dish on top of the taste as it is loaded with nutrients like omega – 3 fatty acids, proteins and several vitamins, but is low in calories. The other ingredients that go with the preparation include onions, tomatoes, hot chili peppers, chili powder, curry leaves, coriander, turmeric, garlic, fenugreek, tamarind, oil, and coconut milk.

If you aren’t already aware, Kerala, known for its beaches, scenic drives and weather, is also famous for coconuts. It plays a very important role in South Indian kitchens, particularly in the coastal regions of Kerala. Coconut milk is usually used in curries as a thickening agent, and to help tamper down the heat of the chillies used.  A recipe from Kerala is never complete without a dash of coconut in the mix. The coconut milk in the Malabar Fish Curry gives the curry its rich and creamy texture, while the deep and exotic earthy Indian spices, such as fried curry leaves, coriander and tamarind, adds more to the flavor. The fish, kept clean and cut ready for the curry, is later added into the boiling curry sauce and simmered until the fish is fully cooked. Once done, this fish curry is usually served hot with a bowl of basmati rice or naan on the side. This fish curry can also pair with a chapati or paratha too!

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