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India is a tea-drinking nation. There will be a tea vendor in every nook and cranny, regardless of town or city, serving steaming cups of tea. There was a time in India when cafes and coffee culture were not so popular. If you wanted something cold to cool off in the summer heat, you could buy a cold drink or fresh juice from the market. Later, blended iced drinks, known as Frappes, became a popular summertime beverage among coffee enthusiasts. A Frappe is simply a sweet iced coffee blended with milk and espresso, and it makes for the ideal summertime coffee house treat. If you’re at the pool, the beach, or the beach house, this is a must-have coffee drink.

Frappes come in a variety of flavors, but a true frappe must check off a few boxes. It must be chilly, thick, and refreshing, for starters. Consider the classic one to be more like a snow cone than ice cream. Fruit juice and liqueurs were usually served over shaved ice or mixed into a slushy consistency. At the time, coffee or café frappé was also noted, with some accounts describing it as iced coffee and others describing it as a coffee slushie. When informally translated from French, the name Frappé denotes a beverage over ice, which makes sense. The word also has the meaning of being battered or shaken, which is how the drink is created.

A unique blender with a plunging rod is used to prepare a nice café frappé. Instant coffee, fresh water, large ice cubes, probably powdered sugar, condensed milk, a straw, and a large glass are all required. Put two decent tablespoons of coffee in a cup, add a teaspoon of sugar, top with water, and that’s all there is to it! This is the stage where amazing coffee is performed! It will be frothy but not smooth if you add too much water. Then, for around 15 seconds, immerse the blender or shake in a shaker with ice cubes until a smooth consistency is achieved. Pour everything into a large glass and fill it halfway with ice cubes. One to two spoonful of milk can be added.

A frappe is mixed for longer than a smoothie or standard iced coffee drink–until a large foam has formed and the ice has been well-blended. It depends on the frappe and where you order it from. Café frappé at Amma’s South Indian Restaurant is produced with a delightful blend of fresh espresso roast coffee, pebble ice, and one of our distinctive flavored powders, depending on the flavor. This will have a big impact on the flavor of your drink–and on how much you enjoy sipping it.