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Chicken 65 is a tantalizing dish that has captured the hearts and palates of people in India and beyond. Originally introduced in 1965 by chef Mr. A.M. Buhari at his hotel in Chennai, this appetizer has become a beloved part of India’s street food culture. With its succulent pieces of red hot chicken, bursting with flavor and spice, Chicken 65 offers a culinary experience that is both fiery and delightful. Whether served as an appetizer or as a complement to a main course, this dish has gained popularity for its unique blend of Indian spices and Chinese sauces.

The key to a mouthwatering Chicken 65 lies in its marinade and coating. Traditionally, boneless chicken thighs or breast fillets are cut into bite-sized pieces and marinated in a blend of Indian spices. The marinade infuses the chicken with a burst of flavor and tenderness. While chili powder provides the dish with its characteristic heat, one can adjust the spice level according to personal preference. For those seeking an extra kick, adding chili paste to the sauce used to coat the chicken can elevate the taste even further.

Chicken 65 is traditionally deep-fried to achieve its crispy texture. However, for those looking for a healthier alternative, baking offers a guilt-free option. By baking the marinated chicken, one can still enjoy the vibrant flavors without the excess oil. When baking, it is important to add the egg, corn flour, and oil just before cooking to ensure a moist and tender result.

The secret to a delectable Chicken 65 lies in its unique blend of spices. Aromatic curry leaves and fiery red chilies contribute to the dish’s distinct flavor profile. The combination of various spices creates a harmonious taste that is both aromatic and tantalizing. Following the recipe and using the recommended spice blend will guarantee a chicken 65 that is bursting with flavor.

While Chicken 65 may have been introduced in an upscale restaurant, it has become synonymous with the small eateries and takeaways that serve it. Its appeal lies in its fiery flavors, aromatic spices, and juicy chunks of chicken. Whether enjoyed as an appetizer or as a complement to a main course, Chicken 65 satisfies the cravings of spicy food enthusiasts. Its versatility and ability to please the palate have contributed to its widespread popularity across India and beyond.

Whether fried or baked, this Indo-Chinese dish delivers a burst of flavor that leaves a lasting impression. With its intriguing origins and widespread popularity, Chicken 65 continues to be an indispensable part of India’s culinary landscape. So, embark on a spicy adventure and savor the fiery delight that is Chicken 65 at Amma’s South Indian Restaurant!